Some iphone hacks that you are unaware off

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There are many iphone hacks that people should know to improve the performance of the machine. Majority of users think that by only jail breaking the device, one can access the attributes but it is not true because there are many hidden facets of the machine waiting to be explored.

One can deploy any keyboard with blue tooth capability to the smart phone. It can double up like a portable laptop and could be carried anywhere from one place to another in an impeccable manner. Another striking feature is the built in level gauge in the C compass app. One can execute the application and put the image in a jiffy without any hassles. The little hack has become quite popular among the people round the globe.

Rather than using the thumb to scroll the app, all you need to do is to tap the top bar located on the app. It is bound to deliver sterling performance as the effectiveness of Iphone increases by many notches. Not many people know that it is possible to add more icons to the home row on the boot up screen. In order to bring the app on the home screen, you should keep pressing on the link till an icon is obtained.

Another interesting feature is related to the editing of the messages. For instance, you do not have to type period and space while completing a single sentence. Press the space bar twice and it accomplishes the same task without any fuss. Ear buds provided with the Iphone are equipped with remotes that could be used to access the different tracks of the music.

Some iphone hacks that you are unaware off

If you want to eliminate the banner notification, swipe the phone from right to left to complete the job. It is particularly useful when in appropriate advertisement pops up on the phone and proves to be a source of embarrassment among the family members. While using safari on the phone, hold the period key for some time to automatically add the domain of your choice.

SIRI command is used to perform different activities without delay. It can provide answers to the queries of the users. It is also possible to stay one step ahead of the auto correct features of phone by including an extra letter.

You should deactivate the settings of the Whatsapp so that the images are not saved on the phone. One can use the online app such as the Drop box to store the images remotely. In addition, thousands of podcasts that you listen on a regular basis should not be stored on the phone or the secondary storage devices.

Phone number pause attribute is an app available with the phone that allows the people to dial the number and then use the extension. In addition, the Google map in the machine is used as a Free GPS tool. Information is available to the users even if they do not have connectivity to data. Spotlight search available within the Iphone can explore any information without any hassles.

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