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GreenPix Zero Energy Media Wall, Beijing

Groundbreaking concept integrating sustainable and digital tech.

The GreenPix media wall is a groundbreaking concept, integrating sustainable and digital technologies within the curtain wall of Xicui Entertainment Centre in west Beijing.

Featuring the world’s largest colour light-emitting diode (LED), it becomes a major new focus for the digital artist community.

mg娱乐游戏平台mg电子The unique glass curtain wall comprises an approximately 2,000m² 'interactive skin' and integrates a photovoltaic system for the first time in China. It performs as a self-sufficient organic system, storing solar energy by day and using it to illuminate the screen after dark.

With customised software, the skin interacts with the building interiors and outside public space, transforming the façade into a responsive environment for entertainment and public engagement.

Project Summary

2,292 LEDs were used to illuminated the curtain wallmg娱乐游戏平台mg电子

60mx33m façade wall - one of the largest in the world

10storey building is wrapped by the façademg娱乐游戏平台mg电子

The engineering and lighting design not only enhances the building’s performance but also serves as a striking example of energy efficiency. Photovoltaic arrays on the building capture twice as much energy from the sun as the lighting façade consumes.

mg娱乐游戏平台mg电子Like any new structure in Beijing, the façade is designed with local seismic requirements in mind.

mg娱乐游戏平台mg电子The media wall will galvanise Beijing's energetic artistic community and produce a valued, ever-changing public work of art.